Alien Run Race for Riches - Family Board Game

Alien Run


Hang on and enjoy the wild ride because this will be a game night you won't forget. Alien Run is a crazy new fun strategic family board game. What's all the fuss? A new planet has been discovered! Chaos abounds and every species of alien want the planet for their colony. To avoid war, a race known as Alien Run has been declared. It is decreed that the player with the most Orbs gets the right to colonize the new planet. During the race each player can be detoured by an opponent. Think you have a plan? Think again! The play of a Trump Card, Mystery Card, or landing on a Wormhole may send you into a galactic U-Turn. The secret to success is strategy. The competition is fierce but the reward is great. Who will win the right to colonize this new planet?

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Budget Me!

Budget Me is an exciting way to teach accountability, money management, budgeting, and the value of a dollar. The best part, you remove that negative chore cloud.

  • Monthly Calendar (One for Each Month)
  • Monthly Budget Sheet (12 Sheets Total)
  • Week 1-4 Chore and Rewards Sheets (12 Sheets Total)
  • Rules Sheet

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